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img-13 1.Gyenno Fork & Spoon

Assisting users affected by Parkinson's

$ 499.00 Buy Now
img-13 2.Ultimate Magic Cane

Ultimate Walking Cane with safe and proper support

$ 33.90 Buy Now
img-13 3.28-Compartments Alarm Pillbox

Perfect memory aid for medicine taking

$ 158.00 Buy Now
img-13 4.Portable Hearing Amplifier

User-friendly and convenient usage Hearing Amplifier

$ 73.90 Buy Now
img-13 5.Recordable PIR Motion Sensor Reminder Alarm

Reminder alarm with passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors technology.

$ 33.90 Buy Now
img-13 6.Digital Salt Level Indicator

Measuring Salt Concentration Instrument

$ 73.90 Buy Now
img-13 7.Calorie Measuring Rice Spoon

Measuring tool for those with Dietary Restrictions

$ 83.90 Buy Now
img-13 8.Digital Talking Alarm Clock

Comes with temperature and humidity display

$ 37.90 Buy Now
img-13 9.Digital Talking Alarm Watch

Speaks the time in a natural female voice at the touch of a button.

$ 28.90 Buy Now
img-13 a.Liquid Level Indicator

Liquid level detector for people with low vision or visual impairment

$ 43.90 Buy Now
img-13 BriteSmile Teeth Whitening

BriteSmile Teeth Whitening at the dentist in one visit

$ 1372.00 Buy Now
img-13 Consult a Dermatologist

For a first time consultation with a skin specialist doctor

$ 100.00 Buy Now
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